Symposium & Hackathon for VR/AR in Healthcare

Boston, June 2021

Join the MedVR community to learn medical applications of AR/VR online

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Join us to build the future of medical & scientific innovation

MedVR brings together clinicians, scientists, developers, designers, and other experts into interdisciplinary teams to lead the future of augmented and virtual reality (AR & VR) in healthcare. Our goal is to educate, stimulate discussion, identify novel applications, and build cutting-edge prototypes.

The biggest VR, AR, XR event this summer

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Everyone is Invited

Be part of a community seeking to drive innovation with VR and AR in healthcare. We highly value functional diversity (what you do) and social diversity (who you are).

If you have a background in healthcare and the sciences, or are a designer, developer, sound/video engineer, graphic artist, storyteller, or another type of creative spirit, please apply to join us!


Commingle with the community to talk and learn about the latest AR/VR developments in healthcare and life sciences, then invent a new use for AR/VR


Healthcare pros, research scientists, drug designers... break from the routine, invent translational AR/VR solutions


A perfect opportunity to learn and solve healthcare problems by creating new experiences with AR/VR


What is MedVR?

MedVR gathers individuals from a variety of backgrounds within healthcare, the sciences, and technology in multidisciplinary teams to learn about augmented and virtual reality (AR & VR), exchange ideas, and build novel prototypes. From healthcare providers and scientists to developers and designers, the symposium presents an opportunity to develop a diverse community seeking to lead the future of extended reality (XR) in healthcare.

Why is a symposium and hackathon for AR and VR in healthcare important?

The virtual and physical worlds are rapidly converging; XR technologies, once considered primarily applicable in entertainment and gaming, are finding groundbreaking use-cases within multiple industries, including healthcare. Today, investigation and implementation of VR is ongoing in areas such as pain management, rehabilitation, mental health, and medical education.

MedVR is a unique event designed to inject the experience, expertise, and vision of individuals from numerous backgrounds into the burgeoning field of medical XR, to drive innovation and direct future developments in this area. The symposium has been created with a recognition that team members with a variety of skillsets and backgrounds, including those in healthcare and the sciences, are key to the ideationand design process.

Who is invited?

Innovation within XR in healthcare, with the development of technically-sound applications with clinical utility, is best stimulated through a multidisciplinary approach. We welcome applications from those with any role, background, or interest broadly within healthcare, basic/applied science, and AR/VR.

Participants with a background in AR/VR may include developers, engineers, designers, and other experts and enthusiasts. No medical expertise is required to participate!

Within healthcare and the sciences, we are seeking to involve all stakeholders, which may include (but is not limited to) physicians and other providers, patients, advocates, scientists, and trainees. For those with backgrounds outside of AR/VR, noprior experience or knowledge of these technologies is required to participate! Simply bring your interest!

When will I learn if I have been accepted to participate in MedVR?

MedVR will use rolling admissions to notify applicants of their acceptance every 10 days, beginning on April 1, 2020. We will aim to complete the evaluation of attendees requiring an application for a US visa by May 10, and of those not requiring a visa by May 25.

About the organizers

The MedVR organizing team includes individuals from Boston Children's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Boston University School of Medicine, UMass Medical Center, the AR/VR tech community, and a wide range of other institutions and enterprises (read further about team members here).