Meet the Team & Advisors

MedVR is organized by an interdisciplinary team of experts from the healthcare, life sciences, and technology communities.

Board of Directors

Steven Max Patterson

President, Director, and medVR Founder

Jennifer N Avari Silva, MD


Giorgio Natili


Advisory Board

Molly Flexman Ph.D.

Advisor/Principal Scientist Philips Research

Rus Gant Ph.D.

Director of the Visualization Research Laboratory at Harvard

Roger Daglius Dias M.D. Ph.D.

Director of Research & Innovation Stratus Center for Medical Simulation

Walter Greenleaf Ph.D.

Neuroscientist Stanford University

Misha Sra Ph.D.

Assistant Professor/Director Perceptual Engineering Lab UCSB

Brandon Birckhead M.D.

Psychiatry Resident at Johns Hopkins Medicine

Xindeling Pan

Sr. Product Designer Uber

Leadership and Founders Emeritus

Xindeling Pan

Founder Emeritus

Roman Jaquez

Founder Emeritus

Julie LeMoine Ph.D.

Founder Emeritus

Isabelle Viellard Pelve

Director of Marketing and Founder Emeritus

Organizing Team

Kate Donovan

Clinical Director of Innovation, Boston Children's Hospital

Jeffrey Jacobson

SIMEngineering XR Project Manager, Boston Children's Hospital

Shaunak Bakshi M.D.

Resident Physician, USC Roski Eye Insititute

Jeff Bail

Manager, VR & Visualization, Vicarious Surgical Inc.

Tumay Tunur Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, and XR Researcher

Thomas Prexl

Managing Director Heidelberg Startup Partners e.V.

Okeanis Vaou M.D.

Assistant Professor Neurology Tufts, Dir. Movement Disorders St. Elizabeth Medical Center

David M. Hoganson M.D.

Assistant in Cardiac Surgery, Boston Children’s Hospital

David Tamés M.S., M.F.A

Assistant Professor Northeastern University

Erin Mittmann

AR Developer Northeastern University

Dylan Watkins

CEO Reality Smash

Jonathan Wakim M.D. M.B.A

MD/MBA Candidate Perelman School of Medicine and Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania

Alicia Hong

Technology Researcher, Business Implementation Lead

Bruce Hecht


Shirly Spikes

VP Recruitment and HR MedPlacer