Medical XR Accelerator Program

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Facilitating Collaboration to Drive Immersive Medical Innovation

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The medical community is the raw material for medical immersive research and development. The Accelerator will work with this community to vet the concept and secure the resources to build a prototype and plan a trial.

Precipitating Innovation: From research to concept to prototype to trial

In Boston, a wealth of skilled professionals—including clinicians, healthcare experts, designers, developers and engineers — forms a resource-rich interdisciplinary workforce.

The Accelerator will integrate these diverse perspectives to form an interdisciplinary community enabling collaboration to vet concepts, secure resources, and strategically plan the prototype development and trial phases.

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...clinicians can get experienced help to vet ideas, access technical talent, and begin to iterate on their idea toward a prototype.

Roger Daglius Dias, MD, MBA, PhD,

Mass General Brigham Hospital and Harvard Medical School

A dedicated & passionate community to support your continuous growth

Accelerator teams that meet their research and development goals and and are ready to commercialize a product will move to incubator partners experienced in accelerating this stage of development.

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