MedVR is produced in partnership with Grassroots Developer Education, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit, and the College of Arts, Media, and Design at Northeastern University.


MedVR is the evolution of our previous work at the MIT Media Lab to create and organize the Reality Virtually Hackathon. Reality Virtually demonstrated that highly diverse, self-forming, multidisciplinary teams are very effective in producing innovative prototypes in a short timeframe. MedVR adapts these methods to generate novel ideas and innovations within XR in healthcare. MedVR affiliates (which include representatives in the organizing team) are listed below.


We are seeking the financial support of sponsors from XR as well as from healthcare and the sciences.

Prior events, including Reality Virtually at the MIT Media Lab and Creating Reality at the University of Southern California, were financed and supported by technical talent and resources from companies such as AT&T, Microsoft, HTC, Magic Leap, PTC, and Facebook.

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