Preliminary Schedule

* We are personalizing the workshop curriculum to match the symposium’s community. We will publish the schedule soon.

June 25

AR/VR Workshops
Event Opening
Team Formation

June 26


June 27

Continued Build Time

June 28

Award Ceremony
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4

Workshops, Introductions, Team formation

Morning and Afternoon:

Following an introduction to MedVR, the event will begin with a series of workshops designed to empower and inspire participants. Based on individual backgrounds, participants may join different workshop tracks covering subjects such as the fundamentals of AR and VR, and the elements of the design and development process.


The evening session on Day 1 is mandatory, and will be critical as team formation will occur during this period. The following topics will be covered:

  • Rules governing the team competition
  • Assistance from onsite and remote mentors
  • Usage of loaner equipment
  • Description of the team formation process

Following this, team formation will occur, and the process of ideation and design will begin.

Project Build Time

Morning and Evening:

The second day of MedVR is the most critical creative time. The entire day is reserved for teams to iteratively ideate, generate designs, and work on building prototypes.

Continued Build Time, Judging, Reception

Morning and Afternoon:

The third day will include further building time, and work on projects must be completed before judging in the evening. During this time, for those participants who are interested and/or available, a forum will be organized for attendees to learn from peers and other experts in immersive technology, including a review and discussion of current applications of XR in healthcare.


In the evening, projects will be judged in two rounds, during which team members must be present. Category winners will be selected in the first round, and the best overall project will be selected in the second round. Depending on your team's judging order, please plan to be present until 10:00 PM. There will also be a reception for participants to relax and celebrate with refreshments.

Awards, Expositions


The fourth day will begin with an award ceremony recognizing the winners. We will recognize and thank our sponsors.


After the award ceremony, we will hold an insider exposition for MedVR participants to learn about each other's projects. Later, doors will be opened to the public.